Art Gallery Software Sales

Managing Sales and Invoices

Use the Point of Sale feature to create professional invoices for your clients. All sales transactions, whether processed by you or online, update the inventory and contact records throughout the system. Creating an invoice links all the important information together in a coherent way to simplify your daily routine.


Create invoices that include inventory, non-inventory items and/or services. Discounts and multiple payment options are easily accommodated. When an invoice is generated, an email notification is automatically sent to designated personnel, even email your client with a link to view the invoice online.

Accounting Models

Accounting models are available for the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and South Africa. These customized accounting models allow you to define settings such as tax terminology (Tax, GST, PST, HST, BTW, VAT, etc..), tax rates, accepted credit cards, sales terms/policy, tax rates related to consignor commissions/payments, and Artist/Consignor Registered Tax Number data.

Consignor Receipt Form

When artwork is sold, any amount due to the consignor is automatically calculated at the time the invoice is created based upon the gallery's agreement with the Consignor. It provides both gallery and consignor with professional documentation of what's been paid, as well as any balance due.

Financial Reports

Several reports related to financial data reside in the Artwork Managerâ„¢ and can be easily filtered by various criteria such as date, location, status, etc... Additionally, you can generate custom reports and save them to download again and again.