Art Gallery Software Reports

Database Reports

Various types of reports are available within the Artwork Managerâ„¢. Choose from one of over twenty template reports or create your own using the intuitive Query Builder.


Export content anytime. Available exports include email list, mailing list, gross spent, invoices, artist, consignors, commissions, buyers and marketing information. Exports are available is .xls format.

Report Builder

When you need a very specific report use the Query Builder tool to create it. Select the group and criteria you would like to include in the report then print, view online or export from the database. Save your reports to download again and again.

Salesperson Reports

Generate salespersons commission reports on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Commissions are calculated based on salesperson commission percentage settings.


Reports relating to artwork, contacts, sales are already built into the Artwork Managerâ„¢. The reports and statistical information are available to help you track everything from what artwork is where to who is your most popular artist.