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The lite solution is the choice of emerging artists. It is an easy and affordable way to begin your career as an artist.

5 Bodies of Work
100 Artworks
100 Contacts
1 Concurrent Users
10MB Storage

Perfect for the serious artist that has a body of work but wants room to grow and needs tools to help build their brand.

10 Bodies of Work
500 Artworks
500 Contacts
1 Concurrent Users
50MB Storage

The professional solution provides established artists with the powerful business tools needed to promote their large body of work.

25 Bodies of Work
2500 Artworks
2500 Contacts
2 Concurrent Users
250MB Storage

Set Up Fee $25.00

Every Solution Includes:

Inventory Management
Wall/Back Labels
Price Lists
Certificates of Authenticity
Tear Sheets
Contact Management
Consigned Out Agreements
and so much more.

Available Features as Add-ons

Website Management

Have a website integrated with your database. The user-friendly interface gives you sophisticated features to manage every page of your website to create the perfect reflection of your business.

Gallery Assistant

A sales tool on the go, use the application to sync all unsold artwork onto the iPad.

Bulk Email

A powerful marketing tool allowing you to easily communicate with your collectors about events, new works and more.

Dynamic SEO

Great search engine placement is critical; use Dynamic SEO to increase your website visibility by using proven SEO tools and techniques.