Art Gallery Email Marketing

Email Marketing Solutions

With Artwork Managerâ„¢ you will no longer need to go to the expense and trouble of working with a third party bulk email provider. Easily create, send and keep track of email marketing all in one solution using the Bulk Email feature.

Building Templates

Artwork Managerâ„¢ walks you through the process of building and storing as many email templates as you need - for a newsletter, an event invitation, email promotion, and so on. Since you create your own templates you have the flexibility to design emails to look however you wish.

Sending Emails

The Bulk Email Feature works in conjunction with the contact database used to keep track of prospects and buyers. You can choose to send to your entire email list or filter by Customer Type, Artist Subscriptions and so much more.

Marketing Reports

Reports and charts show you how many emails were sent, opened, who clicked on links you provided, who unsubscribed, and even buyers who have linked, helping you evaluate the effectiveness of email campaigns. You can also view an individual contact's activity related to the bulk email, providing you with information that helps you better connect with your clients.


Email Marketing is available as an add-on feature, create a custom estimate to learn more about pricing and additional features.